Monday, February 20, 2012

Requirements & Suggestions

I decided to create a post entirely focused on the requirements for baby blanket donations. Please keep these in mind before starting, there is a rhyme & reason for it!

- blankets must measure between a minimum of 36”x38”, maximum size 46”x46”
- they can be knitted or crocheted, or a combination of both
- minimum 25% natural fiber (cotton, wool, etc) so it’s breathable, but also minimum 25% acrylic so it keeps its shape
- machine washable
- not picky about design, but if you’re going to use lace, make sure that the lace pattern is minimal, and that the spaces aren’t huge. Basic yo’s (yarn overs) are ok.
- keep a ballband from each yarn used, & send it in with your blanket. I’ll tag the blankets accordingly when I receive them.
- Stay away from any religious, cultural or holiday themes in blankets. Because these are being donated to public government-run children's aid facilities, they deal with families and children of a variety of backgrounds.

- Gender neutral blankets are preferred, but not required.
- If you're going to make a blanket from a variety of yarns or colours, please make sure that all ends are woven in properly, and that the colours are securely knotted. We don't want any ends coming loose in the wash if we can avoid it.
- It is preferred that these blankets come from a smoke free home. If your home isn't smoke free, please wash & dry this blanket thoroughly before sending it in.

Please check out for pattern ideas - if you're not yet signed up on ravelry, it's free to join! Just go to 'patterns' and search for 'baby blankets'; the search can be refined to free or paid for blankets, knit or crochet, etc.

If you’ve any questions, please feel free to ask here or email me at purplespirit1 (at) hotmail (dot) com, with the email titled 'foster baby blankets'. Thanks in advance!

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